Omar Salazar
Professional Skateboarder | Sponsored by Nike | Featured in Thrasher Magazine

Omar-Salazar-Magaine-CoverNot being born a natural skateboarder, I had to work hard to become one of the best. I have always loved the sport so much that I would do anything for it. I knew I had something different offer even though I wasn’t as consistent as the best. I put my time in and it has paid off. Commitment was the key.

I can say to any young entrepreneur of any kind is that follow what you love and I promise with a little bit of manifestation and determination you can find a place in what you love is well. You Just got to want it. Do what you love and everything else will follow.

Omar-Salazar-ReflectionInjuries will happen.  About two years ago I was on a skateboard filming trip with the world-famous thrasher magazine. During the trip in Ketchum Idaho while performing I lost control in midair and came crashing down on my kneecap shattering it completely. I can recall the words from Dr. Tony that I can never forget, that my knee was “kibbles and bits”.

It was the worst he’s ever seen with this type of injury.

I needed immediate medical attention and had to go under for emergency surgery. Luckily the people there were very supportive and professional. On top of that speaking to Dr. Tony was professional but also determined to repair what was left. The result was nearly a five-hour surgery leaving nothing out and keeping everything together with precision and care.


Fast forward to now have done rehab and doing everything he told me to do and I am back feeling 100% and motivated pain/ limp free. As a professional skateboarder who’s in endured some of the most extreme injuries I would recommend anyone with any kind of injury to seek the help of Dr. Tony. I’ve never met a Doctor who was more concerned about their patient’s well-being and getting them back to performing where they were. I can’t imagine where I would be if I didn’t get the proper care but I know I probably wouldn’t be where I am now. At the moment I’m back riding my bike hiking running and most importantly skateboarding. My experience with Dr. Tony was that he wasn’t there just to do a job but he was there to do a service to humanity with passion, love, and care. From all my experiences through the years of emergency rooms and injuries I’ve never met a doctor with as much passion as Dr. Tony.

You have to do your part. You can’t just get injured and not expect to work hard to get back on top. You have to be motivated. For me, anytime someone says something is not possible is when I get motivated to do it. I’ve done it through my whole career skateboarding. Some of my craziest moves I’ve done were because someone told me he couldn’t be done. I love the challenge. Because anything is possible if you believe it.

Omar-Salazar-Skateboard-HopBelieving is how I ended up filming in the Wood River Valley. I have to say, I loved my stay in Ketchum Idaho. I never met a town where people were so kind to each other and helpful. A beautiful community with a beautiful history from classic movies that were filmed there to the beautiful landscape. And I think my most favorite thing was every restaurant was so delicious and had their own thing to offer. I can’t wait to go back just to visit. A perfect place to relax while you heal after surgery.

As for “next time”, I wouldn’t say I can’t wait to get injured to see Dr Tony again but if I ever have an injury again with my knee, Doctor Tony is my guy. I am grateful to have met a friend and a professional surgeon that I can count on if and when the time comes. I recommend him to all my family and friends I care and love.

Stay Motivated,
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